Day Trippers’ Delight: Villa Tortuga

My friend Rigoberto is in league with Mr. Lito Perez of Camp Suki, the costume rental, and they run Villa Tortuga..a heritage home in Taal, Batangas.  I’ve been posting a series of blogs on Taal and I guess its called a “rave review”:-) But here’s the cap blog..Villa Tortuga.

2 and a half hours from manila via Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Star Tollway (Batangas Exit) winding onwards through Cuenca, Alitagtag and arriving at Taal..

Don’t think twice about asking old people basking in the morning sun for directions. Just Remember: GETTING LOST; it’s more fun in the Philippines🙂 and..

Voila Villa Tortuga!!

For a measly PhP 1, 500.00 per head, you can dress up in 18th century Filipiniana to lunch with 18th century china, silverware and authentic Taal Cuisine, get a sepia souvenir photo and a guided tour of the most beautifully preserved heritage homes of this sleepy town.

No need to watch your step..these houses are made of the toughest Philippine Mahogany floorboards.

Except for the Batalan or dirty kitchen, of course, which is floored by easier to wet and clean bamboo strips..

There’s air-conditioning for siesta or sleepover arrangements..

Best of all there’s shopping!! Exquisite handwoven and embroidered Jusi and Piña Barong Tagalog, Terno (ready-to-wear), tablecloths, napkins and table-runners; beaded slip-ons; machine embroidered house-dresses (what we call “dusters”); handmade hats and bags..

And, of course, palengke pasalubong goodies like Atsara (pickled papaya); Embotido (spanish meatloaf); Longganisa (sausages); Beef Tapa (cured beef); Suman (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves); Tablea (cocoa tablets) and freshly ground Barako coffee..  (hmmmm saraaaap:-) at the cleanest market you’ll ever see this side of Luzon.

For the more pious..there’s mass at the largest Basilica in Asia..

Basilica de Taal..

For reservations call/email: 63027250819; 63027254562;

We toured about five other museum houses and countless more were closed for the day (we went on a sunday).

So go for it, you backpacking Day Trippers! you midlife crisis-ing local tourists! you family bonding moments amateur photographers! you exercise-hound, pre-war memory-hunting senior citizens! No rest for the Leisurely!!!


4 thoughts on “Day Trippers’ Delight: Villa Tortuga

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  2. Lovely photos there and story. Your basilica reminded me of what I have to post about the oldest church in our province. It kinda looks a lot like it — the facade especially.

    • Hi. I visited your site at malikot nga ang mga paa na yan:-) I’m not from Taal but am batangenya on my Mom’s side. I love taking fotos of churches. I have some more, if I can dig it out of my files, of Majayjay Church. I think that might be my next blog. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful pictures and articles written about Villa Tortuga and th Heritage Town of Taal Batangas. Congratulations.

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